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Model  Paper Size Speed Color Duplex List
Epson - Document Scanners

Workgroup and Personal Use Business Document Scanners

  WorkForce DS-320 8.5"x36"   YES YES $299.00
  WorkForce DS-6030 8.5"x36"   YES YES $299.00
  WorkForce DS-510 8.5"x36" 52ppm YES YES $349.99
  WorkForce DS-560 8.5"x16.5" 25ppm YES YES $399.99
  WorkForce Pro GT-S80 8.25"x11.7" 40ppm YES YES $899.99
  Workforce DS-6500 8.5"x11.7" 25ppm YES   899.00
  WorkForce DS-760 11"x17" 45ppm YES YES $899.00
  WorkForce DS-860 11"x17" 65ppm YES YES $1099.00
  Workforce DS-7500 8.5"x11.7" 40ppm YES   $1199.00

Large Format Business Document Scanners

  Workforce DS-50000 11.7"x17"   YES   $1499.00
  Expression 11000XL Photo Scanner 12.2"x17.2"   YES   $3029.99
  Expression 12000XL Graphic Arts 12.2"x17.2"   YES   $2859.99
  Expression 12000XL Photo Scanner 12.2"x17.2"   YES   $3429.99
  Workforce DS-60000 11.7"x17" 40ppm YES   $2899.00
  Workforce DS-70000 11.7"x17" 70ppm YES   $3999.00

Network Ready Business Document Scanners

  Workforce DS-6500 8.5"x11.7" 25ppm YES   $899.00
  Workforce DS-7500 8.5"x11.7" 40ppm YES   $1199.00
  Network scan module (optional)         $349.99
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