Model  Paper Size Speed Color Duplex List
Canon - Document Scanners
R10 8.5"x14 12ppm YES YES $256 Call for price
R40 8.5"x14 40ppm YES YES $329  
RS40 8.5"x14 30 itemsper min YES YES $479  
R50 8.5"x14 40ppm YES YES $529  
P-208II 8.5"x14   YES YES $199  
P-215II 8.5"x14   YES YES $299  
DR-C225 II 8.5"x14 25ppm YES YES $449  
DR-C225W II 8.5"x14 25ppm YES YES $549  
DR-C230 8.5"x14 30ppm YES YES $495  
DR-C240 8.5"x14 45ppm YES YES $795  
DR-M140 8.5"x14 40ppm YES YES $1095  
DR-M260 8.5"x14 60ppm YES YES $1195  
ScanFront 400 8.5"x14 45ppm YES YES $1195  
DR-M160II 8.5"x14 60ppm YES YES $1195  
DR-M1060 8.5"x14 40ppm YES YES $2195  
DR-6010C 8.5"x14 60ppm YES YES $2895  
DR-6030C 11.8"x17" 80ppm YES YES $3,995  
DR-G2090 USB 11.8"x17" 90ppm YES YES $4,995  
DR-G2110 12"x17" 110ppm YES YES $5,995  
DR-G2110 USB 12"x17" 110ppm YES YES $5,995  
DR-G2140 12"x17" 140ppm YES YES $8,995  
DR-G2140 USB 12"x17" 140ppm YES YES $8,995  
DR-X10C II 8.5"x14 130ppm YES YES    
Canon - Available Accessories
  Flatbed scanner unit 101         $495
  Flatbed scanner unit 102         $495
  Flatbed scanner unit 201         $1095
Canon - Maintenance Options
  Annual Maintenance - Warranty Upgrade
  Annual Maintenance - Post Warranty
  Depot Repair Call for price
  On-Site Time and Materials Call for price

  Exchange Roller Kit Item Number's for the DR Scanners

  DR Scanner Manu Part #
Dr-C240 0697C003
ScanFront300/ 300P 4593B001
DR-3080C/DR-3060 6915A002
DR-3080C/DR-3060 6915A001
CR-190I 4623B001
DR-2050C/8080C 7982A001
DR-2580C 0106B002
DR-6050C/7550C/9050C 4009B001
DR-6080/7580/9080C 8927A004
DR-X10C 2418B001


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